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insect killer

The "Green Insecticides" Generation
Tyrax - one against all without propellant gas!
All Product are exclusively made of pure, natural and synthetic active substances. Due to the products composition they function either as a contact poison for cold blooded insects, preventative, or as a relief following insect bites.

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Tyra-X - contact spray for application to combat insects
* long term effects after application of at least 4 weeks
* Insects don't become resistant
* destroys eggs and larvae

Tyra-San - natural insect protection to apply on the skin
* effective protection for 6-12 hours against mosquitoes and other biting insects
* well suited for children
* especially skin friendly

Tyra-Balm - immediate relief of pain after insect bites
for relief apply to the skin after
* insect stings and bites of any kind (mosquito, bee, fly, fire ant,....)
* contact with jellyfishes
* smaller combustions and other minor injuries