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stain removal

Moetsenboeckers Lift Off
Effective stain removers and cleaners
all product of the Lift Off range really work and they are safe for the environment, surfaces and people who use them.

Stain Remover
Designed to be used on those everyday stains on clothes and carpet. Water-based and biodegradable cleaner that is safe to use, while removing tough stains.
Works On: Coffee,Pet Stains, Blood, Grass, Wine, Sodas, Tea, Sauces, Chocolate, Ketchup & More!
Safe On: All surfaces including: Carpet, Fiberglass, Clothing, Title, Furniture, Fabrics, Counter-tops & More!

Tape Remover
This product is effective for virtually all adhesive, grease and oily stains.
Works On: Chewing Gum, Crayons, Pencil Marks, Stricker & Tape, Motor Oil, Lipstick, Candle Wax & More!
Safe On: Carpet, Fabric, Fiberglass, Vinyl, Metal, Tile, Painted & Unpainted Walls, Floors, Brick & More!
Ink Remover
It was designed to work effectively on difficult and hard surfaces like buses and phone booths, while not damaging delicate surfaces such as clothing and upholstery.
Works On: Ball Point Pen & Inks, Permanent Markers, Nail Polish, Hair Dyes, Newsprint, Pencil Marks, Stamp Pad Inks, India Ink, Hightlighters & More!
Safe On: Hard Surfaces, Buses, Phone Booths, Stree Signs, Carpets, Counter-tops Tile, Computer, Dry Erase Boards, Blackboards, Floor, Desks, Plastics Non-washables, Lionleum, Vehicles, Lawn Furniture, Tennis Shoes & More!